Gojek Business Model: How Does It Make Money

For budding entrepreneurs, launching an On-Demand Multi-Service App like the Original Indonesian Gojek App can be challenging. But not any longer! If you’re a savvy entrepreneur, you might have probably heard about On-Demand Apps and how a Pre-Built App with Multiple Service Facilities can make them a billionaire. However, for those unaware of this, let’s dive into the specifics without wasting more time!

In this post, we will explore;

  • Gojek: An Overview
  • Why Build a Gojek-Like App? – Know the Reasons!
  • Basic and Advanced Features of a Gojek Clone App
  • Factors to Consider While Deploying a Gojek-Like Multi-Service Platform
  • Gojek Clone App Development
  • The Bottom Line

Let Us Get Started!

Gojek: An Overview

Gojek, a multi-service on-demand app, is designed to provide more than 80+ services, including delivery, transportation, ride, in-home, and other on-demand services. It began in Indonesia as a call center for bike taxis and has benefited Indonesia’s economy and average daily income.

It was the country’s first unicorn and is now on its way to becoming the first Dedacorn. Gojek’s attraction comes from its economic impact, value, and excellent investor portfolio. Visa, Softbank, and Facebook are among the companies that have invested in Gojek. It established its initial global office in Bangalore, India, and has grown to almost every Southeast Asian country, including Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. As a result, several entrepreneurs have started to look at Gojek as a successful business model. 

Why Build a Gojek-Like App? – Know the Reasons!

In recent years, Gojek-like super apps have seen a surge in usage and revenue as more customers prefer to get everything they need from a single platform. Due to the increased need for super apps, it’s worth investing in them. It will help you automate your business processes, reach more customers, boost revenue, and more.

The following are some of the reasons to choose Gojek-like multi-service app;

Cost-efficient solution

Generally, the cost of App Development accounts for a major part of the on-demand business. Creating a new app for each service won’t be budget-friendly. Providing multiple services under one roof saves time and money, and several app development companies deliver pre-built Gojek Clone App solutions. These pre-built ones are much less expensive. As a result, the cost of developing this application will be well within your budget.

Real-Time Tracking

After placing the order, the app user can track the Provider’s location. The Real-Time Tracking option in the Gojek Clone App allows the User to check the Live Location on the In-Built Map and determine how far the Provider is from the Service Location.

Increased Customer Engagement

Customers will stay engaged for a longer period due to the app’s unique features, including the ability to provide services from multiple stores via a single app, eliminating the need for them to install multiple apps for different purposes, multiple payment options, and numerous other features that contribute to customer engagement.

Increases Profit

The Gojek-like multi-service app streamlines the ordering process for users by allowing them to request anything they want via a single app. It has the potential to increase the company’s revenue.

One App for Multiple Services

Gojek Clone is ideal if you want to provide many services to customers in a single app. You can use this app to provide on-demand taxi booking services, food and other item delivery, parcel delivery, professional service hiring, and service bidding. Not only that, but the user can also schedule online video consultations.

Save Time and Money

As the app owner, you can save your time and money. All you need to do is – buy the complete package, which includes an app, a website, an admin panel, etc. Thus, you can develop a fully-featured Gojek Clone Application without spending millions of dollars.

Basic and Advanced Features of a Gojek Clone App

Some of the basic and advanced features of Gojek Clone App are as follows;

  • Interactive Menus

All the services in each segment are well-defined and have a unified interface. Therefore, the customer can choose any service within seconds of opening the app.

  • In-App Chat

After the driver/provider accepts the ride/order service, the user and the provider can text chat within the app.

  • Promo Codes

Users can use the promo code while booking a ride/order to receive reductions on the on-demand service amount.

  • Earnings Report

Drivers/delivery drivers can view their earnings report with details, including the total number of completed, canceled, running, and pending ride/order requests.

  • View Available Providers

Users can view the available provider list with all details, including name, package and price information, and ratings.

  • Select Vehicle

After signing up, the driver can choose a vehicle, such as a bike, cab, or truck, from which they want to provide a service.

  • Live Location Tracking

Users can view the delivery providers’ live location. Live tracking allows users to see how long it takes to reach their destination.

  • Schedule Booking

This feature allows users to book a ride or order a service for later. A user can schedule a ride/order service instantly or for a future date.

  • Fare Estimation

Users can get an idea about the estimated fare calculation of transport services like bike, taxi, and courier delivery.

  • Manage Store Details

Store owners can manage Store information such as delivery time, tax, operating hours, etc. 

  • Call to Driver

If a user/customer has questions about the ride or order, they can call a driver with a simple tap.

  • Order History

Users can view their order history based on categories such as rides, delivery, and on-demand provider services.

  • Manage Service Request

Providers can view new service requests with all the details and manage them by accepting or rejecting options.

  • Set Product Availability

Using the Gojek Clone App, the store owner can set up an online/offline product based on the availability of a product.

  • Rating and Review

After completing a ride/order, the user can provide a rating and review to the providers. This feature helps determine the quality of the providers.

Factors to Consider While Deploying a Gojek-Like Multi-Service Platform

Are you planning to develop a multi-service app like Gojek? If so, then there are several factors to consider. From platform selection to protecting secret data and beyond, skipping a single step might cost your business far more than you would imagine. Let’s take a closer look at each of them right now;

  • Market Analysis

Do market research to learn everything about the market you want to enter. Understand your target audience and how your competitors meet their customers’ needs. It also allows you to minimize the risk of business failure and achieve success in a short period.  

  • Choose the Right Technology and Platform

At times, business owners make the wrong technology and platform choices while developing a multi-service app for their business, resulting in higher development costs. Therefore, ensure that you select the right platform and technology. According to Statista, Android applications generate around 104.15 million dollars; if you want to target a large population, this platform can be your best option.

If you want to target customers who prefer convenience, you can choose to go with an iOS app. Remember that platform and technology choices will have a great impact on the cost of developing a multi-service platform. As a result, if you have a limited budget, you should plan carefully before making any decisions. 

  • Seeking Support from the Right Technology Partners

Several app development companies on the market provide high-quality app development services. So, it is up to you to select one that satisfies all your company’s needs. Choosing the right technology partner can help you launch your multi-service business online while staying within your budget. 

  • Integrate the Best Features 

Integrating the best features in Gojek Clone App can do wonders for your multi-service business. At the same time, making it complicated can lead your customers to abandon it and search for better options. The more features you include in the Gojek clone App, the more you need to pay. 

Deploying a feature-rich Gojek clone app will help expand your company’s reach and revenue simultaneously.

On the whole, you should consider all the above-listed factors while deploying your Gojek Clone App, but keep in mind that it doesn’t end here. There are several more factors to consider. You can contact a reputed Multi-Service App development company or developers to know what those are. 

Gojek Clone App Development

At Unicodel, we help you launch your multi-services application for both Android & iOS platforms within a few days. Our Gojek Clone is an easy yet efficient mobile app solution for startups and small businesses seeking to make their way into this mainstream and compete with industry titans.

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The Bottom LIne

A Gojek clone script can bring your business countless benefits. You will not only save time and money, but you will also be able to reach a larger audience. You will be able to offer your customers multiple services that they can use to fulfill their needs.

If you’re seeking a solution to expand your multi-service business, getting in touch with a Gojek Clone App Development Company like Unicodel is worth considering.

Planning to Develop a Gojek-Like App for Your Multi-Service Business?