How to Build an App Like Gojek in 2023

Planning to build an app-like Gojek in 2023, but you are not sure where to start? If YES, this blog is for you! Well, when it comes to making business investments, it’s natural to feel biased. But, don’t get worried! To help you, in this blog, we will explore everything you need about developing a Gojek-like App.

Here, we will explore;

  • Gojek App: An Overview
  • The Importance of Developing a Gojek-Like App
  • Must-Have Features of a Multi-Service Platform
  • The On-Demand Services of the Gojek Clone App
  • Gojek Clone App Development
  • Launch Your Gojek Clone App Today!
  • Wrapping Up

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Gojek App: An Overview

The Importance of Developing a Gojek-Like App

  • Multiple Revenue Streams

Gojek Clone offers multiple services and multiple products via a single mobile app. As a result, it will generate multiple revenue streams. Even if one source fails to generate sufficient revenue, another will compensate.

  • One App for Multiple Services

By offering multiple services in a Gojek Clone, businesses can address the varied needs of customers and provide them with a one-stop solution. It not only builds a loyal customer base but also attracts new customers.

  • Resource Management
  • Cost-Effective

People will generally choose a single app installation over several app installations to save phone storage and mobile data. So, instead of creating several apps for each on-demand service, you can provide multiple services in a single Gojek Clone App. It saves a lot of money and is highly beneficial to ambitious business owners like you.

  • Transparency

The Gojek Clone App makes everything clear and transparent. There are no hidden charges, and no individual businesses can steal from you. The Gojek clone App provides an automated invoice after each service, where every service gets tracked, and you will know exactly how much profit you made.

  • Time-Efficient

With the Gojek clone app, you can launch an on-demand multi-service app very quickly. As the software is well-optimized, there will be no bugs or problems to worry about. Instead, you can focus on enhancing your services and expanding your business.

Must-Have Features of a Multi-Service Platform

Customer App

  • Registration/Login

Customers can log in/signup to this Gojek Clone App using their email address, password, and social media accounts.

  • Check Driver’s Details

Customers can view the complete details of the drivers or service providers, including their ratings, reviews, contact details, and more.

  • In-App Chat/Call

Customers can use the built-in chat/call feature to communicate with drivers and service providers.

  • Browse Services

Customers can easily browse and select the services from the pool of on-demand services offered on the multi-service app.

  • Multiple Payment Options
  • In-App Wallet

This feature allows customers to make payments via the app by adding their money to the wallet.

  • Ratings and Review

Customers can rate and review their ride experiences and other services they have availed via the multi-service platform.

Delivery Driver App

  • Accept/Decline Request

Delivery providers can either accept or decline a delivery request according to their convenience.

  • Profile Creation

Delivery providers can create and manage their profiles and upload necessary documents easily.

  • In-App Navigation
  • Performance Tracker

Delivery providers can track their overall efficiency by accessing the metrics such as the number of rides completed or orders processed in a day.

  • In-App Call/Chat

If necessary, the delivery providers can connect with the customers using the in-app chat or call feature.

Store App

  • Store Profile

Store managers can create a profile by entering the necessary details such as store name, location, and opening & closing times.

  • Order Tracking

Store managers can track the order status and live location of the delivery executive until the order gets delivered to the customer.

  • Customer Support

In case of any issues in the order delivery, the store manager can contact the customer personally and resolve the problems.

  • Accept/Reject Requests

Store managers have the option to accept or reject product or service requests as per the availability.

  • Manage Payments

Store managers can manage the payments received from product or service deliveries directly from the app.

Admin Panel

  • Manage Users

Admin can manage the user’s profile registered to the multi-service app directly from the admin dashboard.

  • Send Offers & Discounts

Admin can send special offers and discounts to their customers and build better customer-business relationships.

  • Order Tracking

Using this feature, Admin can track every single order or service delivery through the admin panel.

  • Order Management

Admin can view the complete spectrum of order details such as payment, delivery information, contact details, and more.

  • Manage Products/Services

Admin can change or update the products and services, prices, add new items, or deduct items/services.

  • Analytics & Reporting

Admin can get detailed insights into the daily sales and requests to enhance the overall business growth.

  • View Ratings and Reviews

Admin can view the ratings and reviews that customers have left for the service provider and vice-versa from the dashboard.

The On-Demand Services of the Gojek Clone App

A multi-service application can be a big hit if it provides the following on-demand services;

# Ride

# Delivery

Gojek clone app’s delivery services include Food delivery, Grocery delivery, Courier delivery, Flower delivery, Alcohol delivery, etc.

# Other Services

Gojek Clone App has now grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Offering multiple on-demand services in one go, Gojek Clone provides a perfect opportunity to reach billions of customers easily.

Gojek Clone App Development

When it comes to Multi-Service App Development, you have two options. You can either build your Gojek-like App from scratch or use ready-made app development solutions, which can help you save time and money.

1. Create an App From Scratch

2. Hire an Expert Multi-Service App Development Company

Launch Your Gojek Clone App Today!

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Wrapping Up

Gojek Clone is a win-win for everyone. Therefore, investing in a Gojek Clone App is something that will help you earn billion of dollars easily with a minimal investment. So, why wait? 2023 is the best year to begin Multi-Service App Development and launch a Gojek-like multi-service app.