How to Launch Your Own Multi-Service Platform With a Gojek Clone Script?

Learn how to launch your multi-service platform using a Gojek clone script. Follow these steps to build and deploy your customized solution.

People today do not want to have 50-60 apps on their smartphones to access various services. That’s why Gojek-like multi-service apps are becoming more popular than ever. 

If you are a budding entrepreneur trying to launch a Multi-Service App that can practically meet every customer’s demand, you should consider investing in multi-service app development. However, before embarking on a multi-delivery service app project, ensure you understand how to develop one. In this post, we will help you know about the most vital aspects of the Gojek Clone App and the development process.

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  • Why Launch a Gojek-Like Multi-Service App?
  • What Are the Exciting Features of the Gojek Clone App?
  • Top Considerations While Developing a Multi-Service App
  • Different Methods for Developing Multi-Service Apps
  • The Bottom Line

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Why Launch a Gojek-Like Multi-Service App?

Generally, a multi-service app provides multiple services to users from a single platform. It has several business applications. Most people choose multi-service apps because they offer different on-demand services to all their customers on a single platform. Anyone who wants to launch an on-demand business should consider using a multi-service app. The primary goal of these ready-made solutions is to make it possible for anyone to launch their own online mobile-based company without creating an app from scratch.

Some of the few reasons to build a multi-service app are as follows;

  • The primary reason to invest in on-demand multi-service app development is that it allows you to deliver nearly everything through a single app. When a business offers several services through a single app, it helps it grow and attract more customers.
  • Compared to a single-service app, the costs of a multi-service app are lower.
  • Finally, users prefer to use a single app for multiple services.

Nowadays, on-demand businesses are gaining popularity among everyone. A Gojek clone app is a ready-made solution for starting a multi-service business, allowing you to increase your customer’s income while providing 100% customer satisfaction.

These advanced solutions can handle situations better than your competitors’ apps. A Gojek clone script helps new entrepreneurs and small enterprises launch or expand their online ventures. Here are some options for your business that you can offer to your customers:

  • On-demand ride-hailing service
  • Online food delivery service
  • Online grocery delivery service
  • Online courier service
  • On-demand doctor
  • On-demand Handyman

Apart from these services, you can consider integrating several other services while developing your Gojek-like multi-service app.

With a Gojek-like app, you can even run 80+ on-demand services from a single app. It lets you reach new audiences and create more opportunities for your multi-service business.

The super app Gojek Clone Script is an ideal platform for managing and maintaining customers searching for a hassle-free taxi booking solution. Within the Gojek Clone Script, one can make use of taxi booking features such as multi-trip booking options, multi-support language, in-app wallets, driver preferences, live tracking, different payment methods, and many more.

What Are the Exciting Features of the Gojek Clone App?

Some of the exciting features of the Gojek Clone App are as follows;

  • Access Multiple Services

Customers can access over 80+ on-demand services, such as taxi rides, courier services, all delivery services, etc.

  • Promo Codes

Customers can use the promo code while booking rides/orders to get discounts on the on-demand service amount.

  • Check Ratings and Reviews

Admin can check the ratings and reviews of the users and service providers from the Dashboard.

  • Live Chat

If a driver or delivery provider has questions about the ride/order request, they can contact the customer through the app.

  • Customer Feedback

Drivers/delivery providers can view all the feedback provided by the user, including the user’s name, date and time, ratings and feedback, and more.

  • Order Requests

Store owners can view all the completed, running, pending, and canceled order requests with all details.

  • Call to User

If the provider has any questions about the services after approving the request, they can contact a user through the app.

  • Panic Button

The Gojek Clone App allows riders to call friends and family in an emergency using a panic button.

  • Manage Profile

A provider can change and update their profile information, such as their name, address, service radius, and profile image.

  • Schedule Booking

Customers can use this feature to schedule a ride or order a service for a later date via Gojek Clone App. 

  • Manage Users

Admin can manage the app’s registered user’s profile directly from the admin dashboard. Special discounts can also be sent from the dashboard.

  • Rating and Review

After completing a ride/order, the user can provide a rating and review to the providers. This feature helps determine the quality of the providers.

The increasing use of smartphones, as well as the advent of new digital technologies, all contribute to making people’s lives more convenient than ever before. Due to the Gojek app clone script’s market success, businesses are using it to create an all-in-one app solution to separate themselves from the competition.

Top Considerations While Developing a Multi-Service App

The following are some of the factors to consider when developing a multi-service app;

Choose Your Platform

For multi-service on-demand delivery app development, you have three options.

  • Native Apps
  • Cross-Platform Apps
  • Web Apps

If you’re unsure whether to target iOS or Android users or both  – you can focus on your target audience to find a solution. If you want to reach out to a specific demographic, then it is best to stick to one platform. You can also create two separate applications for iOS and Android to reach a wider audience.

Features to Include in Your Multi-Service App

The following are some vital features you’ll need in your multi-service app. You can also look into the market’s major players to see what features they have in their apps.

  • GPS
  • Social media integration
  • Multi-language support
  • Send push notification
  • Schedule booking
  • Payment gateway integration

And considerably more.

Technology Stack to Consider for Multi-Service App Development

Choosing the right technology stack is vital to the success of any app development. When developing a multi-service app, you must pay close attention to details, and the following are a few technical stacks available to you:

  • Flutter
  • Xamarin
  • Native Script
  • React Native, etc.

Different Methods for Developing Multi-Service Apps

You can develop an on-demand multi-service app using two different methods. Either you can build your app from scratch or use ready-made app development solutions to save time and money.

  1. Developing an App from Scratch

Undoubtedly, this method of developing a multi-delivery service app entails several processes. You must conduct extensive market research, focus on design, select a technology stack, etc.

  1. Hire a Professional Multi-Service App Development Company

If you lack technical knowledge, it is usually preferable to hire a professional multi-service app development company to create a Gojek-like app. They can help you build an app from scratch or provide white-label app development services to customize it to your specifications.

The Multi-Service Delivery App Development is a trending business idea that several businesses and entrepreneurs are trying to capitalize on. With a Gojek Clone App, you can deliver multiple services through a single app and reach a larger audience. If you want the best digital solutions for app development, Unicodel can help. UnicoDel experts have a proven record of creating successful Gojek-like multi-service apps for customers. 

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The Bottom Line

The on-demand multi-service app has a promising future, and you also can be a part of it. Multi-service apps serve as a marketplace for customers to find the services that they need. App owners can quickly manage their businesses with a robust admin panel. The income the Gojek Clone Script earns will be multiple times greater than the revenue provided by single service apps.

Why wait? Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity by investing in the Gojek Clone App solution.