Tips to Improve Your On-demand Delivery Business with Gojek like Super App

In today’s fast-moving world of on-demand services, having a super app like Gojek can create a big difference. These all-in-one apps offer various services, plus transportation, food delivery, logistics, and more. If you want to enhance your on-demand delivery business and create a Gojek Clone App, this blog is your ultimate guide. We’ll explore key strategies and tips to help you succeed in this competitive landscape.

Here, We will Explore the Following:

  • An Overview of Gojek-Like Super App
  • How does a super app like Gojek generate revenue?
  • Tips for Improving Your On-Demand Delivery Business
  • Important features to think about for your super app, similar to Gojek 
  • Final Words

Without further ado, let’s get started!

An Overview of Gojek-Like Super App

“The time for super apps is now… Sectors like health, wellness, financial services, and rural services are expected to see growth”
Digital and Fintech Leader, EY

Source: Business Today

A Gojek-like Super app combines various services into one single app. For example, it might have ride-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, and other services. Using Super apps has advantages, and one of them is conserving storage space.

Users often struggle with limited storage space, leading them to delete some apps.

Super apps solve this problem by allowing users to save storage space since they can access multiple services through a single app. To make this information more engaging, let’s explore the top players in the Super app industry.

List of Super Apps Available in the Market

Here is a list of some prominent Super Apps available in the market:

  • WeChat

When WeChat first started in 2011, it was like many other messaging apps. But over time, it became a favor because it added a lot of services. Now it has about 1 million small programs that let you do different things all in one app. You can request rides, get food delivered, and make payments, all using one app. That’s why lots of folks in China use it, and it’s gaining popularity in other places as well.

  • Alipay

Alipay began as a small section of Taobao, Alibaba’s online shop. But now, it’s a super popular payment app in China. It’s like WeChat’s main rival; they’re both big in China. In March 2020, Alipay said it had over 1.3 billion users. Like WeChat, it offers lots of services like paying for stuff, booking movie tickets, and ordering food.

  • Gojek

Gojek started as a ride-hailing app in Indonesia, but it’s grown significantly. Now it does lots of things in over 23 countries, like letting you order food, groceries, and even housekeeping services. What’s cool is that Gojek is worth around $5 billion because it’s expanded so much.

  • Amazon

Amazon is working on its own super app. While we mostly associate Amazon with online shopping, they’re expanding into several areas like Amazon Pay, Amazon Pantry for groceries, and Amazon Prime for streaming shows and movies. Their aim is to merge all these services into an app for your comfort. 

  • Grab

Grab is a widely known ride-hailing company based in Malaysia. You can use it to book rides still you like. But Grab also does a bunch of other stuff, like delivering groceries, letting you pay for things digitally, and even streaming videos. They’ve got 2.8 million drivers and they’re trendy in Southeast Asia because they’re like a one-stop shop for everything you need.

  • Careem

Careem is a comprehensive Super App providing transportation, food delivery, package deliveries, and secure payment services, simplifying users’ daily tasks and enhancing convenience.

  • AirAsia

AirAsia, known primarily as an airline app, extends its services to include convenient hotel booking and food delivery features, making it a versatile platform that caters to various aspects of travel and customer needs.

How does a super app like Gojek generate revenue?

The income of Super app development is growing. The business model with super apps covers various services, including lifestyle, entertainment, and financial needs. This allows apps like Gojek to generate a substantial yearly revenue. Here are some strategies for making money with super apps:

  • Customer Fees

Multi-delivery apps like Gojek provide users with a convenient one-stop solution for their needs. Users can purchase various items without the need to visit different stores. In return, customers pay through the online application, which charges a small fee for each order.

  • Delivery Commissions for Super Apps

Super apps employ drivers for product deliveries to users’ doorsteps. These drivers receive a small commission for each order they deliver. This arrangement creates earning opportunities for both the super app and the individual drivers.

  • Business Commissions

As sales increase, super apps can earn commissions from businesses. They receive a commission for each order placed through the online platform. This commission model helps meet the needs and requirements of the super app’s business.

These are the available sources of income for super apps like Gojek, leading to potential revenue growth.

Tips for Improving Your On-Demand Delivery Business

Now, let’s get down to business and explore some awesome tips to improve your on-demand delivery business:

    • Offer a Smorgasbord of Services

    To make your Gojek-like super app a hit, diversify your services. Think beyond just delivering food or rides. Consider offering courier services, beauty treatments, and grocery deliveries – the sky’s the limit. The aim is to be a single place where your customers can find everything they need.

    • Keep It User-Friendly

    Nobody likes a confusing app. Make sure your app is super user-friendly. Ensure your app is incredibly easy to operate. Users should quickly locate what they need without confusion. A straightforward, user-friendly design is the greatest approach.

    • Tech That Packs a Punch

    Invest in top-notch technology to support your app. This includes a solid server infrastructure, a design that looks good on any screen, and smart algorithms to match services and optimize deliveries.

    • Payments Made Easy

    Don’t make your users jump through hoops to pay. Offer different payment methods like credit cards, digital wallets, and cash to ensure convenience for your customers. 

    • Real-Time Tracking

    Ever wondered where your pizza is? Real-time tracking comes to the rescue. Implement it for deliveries or rides, so users know exactly when to expect their orders.

    • Stellar Customer Support

    Customer support is your secret weapon. Be lightning-fast in addressing user questions or concerns. Great service builds trust and keeps customers coming back.

    • Shout It Out Loud

    Spread the word about your app with a killer marketing strategy. Think digital marketing, social media, and partnerships. The more people know about your app, the better.

    • Listen to Your Users

    Create a feedback system within your app. User input is gold. It helps you make informed decisions for improvements and upgrades.

    • Price It Right

    Pricing matters. Research your market and set competitive prices. You want to attract users while still making a profit.

    • Go Local

    Customize your app to fit local preferences and needs. What’s successful in one area might not succeed in another. Understanding your local market well is a significant advantage.

    • Quality Is King

    Consistency is key. Maintain high-quality service across the board. Users should trust that they’ll get the same great experience every time.

    • Expand Strategically

    Think about expanding into new markets or regions. Growth is good, but a well-thought-out strategy ensures it’s not just growth for growth’s sake.

    Are you in need of a one-app solution for your various services?

    Important features to think about for your super app, similar to Gojek 

    • Social Media Login:

    Users can log in to the app with their social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

    • Quick Dashboard:

    The quick dashboard allows users to select services they need within seconds, eliminating the need to search by typing keywords. For instance, clicking the taxi icon takes users to the taxi-hailing services.

    • Re-Book Option:

    Users can easily rebook services they’ve used before without navigating through the app. The re-book tab lists their previous bookings, saving them time.

    • Book Now Feature:

    If users find a product they like, they can instantly book it for delivery.

    • Cancellation Anytime:

    Users have the freedom to cancel their orders at any time. Each product they choose for delivery or taxi ride has a cancel option.

    • Account Recovery:

    If a user forgets their account password, they can recover it by verifying their linked mobile number. Account recovery takes less than five minutes.

    Do you want to enhance your on-demand delivery business with a Super App similar to Gojek?

    Final Words

    To sum it up, making a successful on-demand delivery app takes mindful planning, hard work, and a strong sharp on delivering noteworthy service. It’s a process that takes time, but with these tips, you’re on the right track to making a name for yourself in the on-demand delivery business. Best of luck, and remember that UnicoDel is always here to support you along the way.