Proven Ways to Make Money Using Multi-Delivery App like Gojek

Technology is the great growling engine of change. With technological advancements, mobile phones have become an important impact on society. In this era, you can order anything with just a tap of your mobile phone. Multi-delivery app like Gojek will bring anything you order to your doorsteps. This new tech dragon is booming in the South as a super app. They offer food service, taxi service, grocery service, and much more. This article will help you to know how this brand became a super app and how it makes money.

Table of Contents

Let’s explore the journey of Gojek and how this model has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years.

  • Understanding Gojek- The Super App and its History
  • Explore the Business Model of Gojek and How it Works
  • Why is an On-Demand Multi-Service App like Gojek so Popular?
  • How does a Multi-Delivery App like Gojek Make Money?
  • Build your own Gojek Clone App Development with Unicodel

Understanding Gojek – The Super App and its History

Gojek, the motorbike taxi was founded in February 2010 in Indonesia by Michaelangelo Moran and Nadiem Makarim. Right after its introduction, Gojek had a tremendous growth of 30 million downloads within two years. It was mainly launched to solve the problem between riders and drivers and to work efficiently.

Initially, Gojek started connecting with its customers through courier delivery and two-wheeler ride-hailing services. They launched four additional apps GoRide, GoSend, GoShop, and GoFood.

By providing 20 services Gojek is transformed into a super app with the value of 10 billion US Dollars. This multi-service app operates in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore. Gojek comes under Southeast Asia’s Fortune 50 companies. This super app has around 170 million users in 2020 and around 29 million monthly users in Indonesia.

Explore the Business Model of Gojek and How it Works

The on-demand super app Gojek has three segments such as customer, driver, and merchant. It is a one-stop solution for all your on-demand needs.

Gojek for Customers
The customers who are using Gojek services will come under this category. This multi-service app will provide a seamless and reliable experience to the user. The customer segment contains:

  • People who are looking for multiple solutions at a fast pace
  • Those who need reliable service at a reasonable price
  • People who need a variety of choices
  • For those who are looking for fast and safe delivery of services

Working of Gojek -Customers

  • Search for the service that are looking for
  • Choose to book the service to avail of the service
  • Select the payment options to get seamless delivery of service
  • Get the service delivered to your desired location

Gojek for Merchants
Gojek allows you to collaborate with merchants who are interested in increasing their sales and business. With this multi-service platform, the merchants can get exposure and access to an enhanced customer base.

Working of Gojek- Merchants

  • Received the order requested by the customers
  • Make the order ready for delivery
  • The order will be handed over to the driver

Gojek for Drivers
With a simple process, the delivery partner and drivers can pair with Gojek.

Working of Gojek – Drivers

  • Download the Gojek app from the desired Play Store
  • Register using the driver details
  • Verify the details
  • Make the driver profile
  • Start providing the requested service

Why is an On-Demand Multi-Service App like Gojek so Popular?

The best thing about Gojek is that it acts as the single solution for all the on-demand services. User can easily get their desired service effectively and quickly. When the users open the app they can get all the services in a single window. It is possible to choose the provider based on the rating and price. The main advantage of Gojek is that it provides secured transactions for the user.

One-stop shop for multiple services
As the growth of digital platforms increases the use of super apps has also increased. Right from your pizza delivery to dropping you in your office, these apps play a crucial role. By using Gojek’s food delivery service you can simply order the food by simply clicking on the desired food from your preferred restaurant.

Grocery shopping is made easy with this multi-service app as it allows click and buy effortlessly without standing in the queue. Customers can easily choose the ride from the desired location using the Gojek app. It is possible to track and get the details of the ride while using the Gojek app.

It uses very little phone storage
If you are using different apps for many services then it consumes huge space in your mobile phone. But if you are using an on-demand multi-service app like Gojek then your phone space will be saved and time for getting your service will also be minimized.

Get the reports of earnings
With the report of earnings, the business owners and admin can generate good earnings. Using reports they can easily know the amount earned the present earnings and the graph of earnings.

Super fast delivery
It is human nature to turn to an app that delivers fast delivery. So it is natural to get more users drawn toward apps like Gojek. This app allows the user to make instant delivery and schedule delivery for the specified time and date. Gojek ensures delivery within 15 minutes of placing the order.

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How does a Multi-delivery App Like Gojek Make Money?

An All-in-one delivery solution like Gojek has many income streams as it is comprised of different apps. Here is how Gojek generates different revenue from different income sources. Check this to make revenue from the Gojek clone app.

Merchants Commission Charges
Merchant uses the Gojek platform to sell their services, so they charge the merchants for this. This is an effective method to save money. It helps merchants to expand their business and make money in a short time. For every order, the merchants have to pay some amount to this on-demand multi-service app.

Drivers Commission Charges
Since the orders from the app are handed over to the drivers they will have to pay some amount to Gojek. This is the secondary source of income for the app. The app provides them with the fruitful business they are looking for. The driver will get rewards and bonuses for every completed order and it helps them to work motivated.

Customer’s service Charge
To get their orders delivered to the doorstep the customer has to pay some service charge to the Gojek app. These charges will be included in the bill and can be paid through any source of payment. The customer charges will be minimal and can be easily paid by the customer. This helps the app reach more customers and earn revenue from it.

Charge for Subscriptions
This super app also provides subscription services to the user. The customer can choose from the different options available. The brand can get recurring payments from the subscribers. Before developing a Multi Delivery App like Gojek it is good to know the working of the app and understand the revenue that can be generated from it. You must make sure that the business model fits your budget to start the on-demand business.

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Gojek the super app is the interface between the user and the various service providers. This all-in-one platform is not only for ride-hailing services it includes other services such as courier service, maid service, food delivery service, massage service, and many others. The app can be accessed with a single tap of your mobile device. They provide quick access to versatile services that are available in your locality.

If you have decided to develop an on-demand app development, you will need a team of experienced developers to help you with effective solutions. All you need in a rough plan reach an effective on-demand development company and utilize the options available to them. The Gojek clone can be developed with a team of experts from Unicodel. If you are looking to make an app similar to Gojek then choose the required features from our Gojek working demo.

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