Serve your guests in a better way by booking rides for them.

Expand Your Business Reach via Our Hotel Panel

The idea behind Unicodel's Hotel Panel is simple. Our Hotel Panel is specially designed for hotel agents, where a hotel agent requests a ride for their customers, allowing the hotel to earn commissions. From this panel, the admin/hotel agent can view all the ongoing and upcoming trips while keeping customers happy and satisfied, allowing you to expand your business and generate more profits




Create Request

Hotel Admin can create a new booking request for their customers by specifying details like Pick-Up & Drop-Off location, guest name, driver notes, etc.

Manage Profile

Manage Profile

Hotel Admin can create a new profile or edit existing profiles by updating information such as Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Country, etc.

Trip History

Trip History

Hotel Admin can view the complete list of all trips, along with details such as date, driver details, rider details, and much more.

Scheduled Requests

Scheduled Requests

Hotel Admin can either schedule a ride in advance or book a trip right away for registered customers via Hotel Panel.

Robust Dashboard

Robust Dashboard

With strict monitoring and a user-friendly Admin Dashboard, Hotel Admin can keep the entire business under control.

Edit or Delete Profile

Edit or Delete Profile

Hotel admin has the right to add or edit the profile details of the riders. If necessary, the admin can even delete the profile.

At Unicodel, we integrate a Hotel Panel into your ride-sharing app to support travelers who do not have access to their phones to book rides. Our Hotel Panel allows both hotels and service providers to earn commissions.


Take Actions

If necessary, the Hotel Admin can take action against a specific driver in response to a request from a rider/passenger.

Advanced Search

Hotel Admin can sort and filter the data from the lists using various parameters such as name, contact, email address, date, and more.

Future Request

Hotel Admin can view the future request record with details, including user ID, username, date & time, location, etc.

Update Password

Hotel admin has complete control over passwords. Therefore, the Hotel Admin can change and update the password anytime.

Update Address

Hotel Admin can change and update the hotel address, including the country name, by entering the current password.

Hotel Partner Details

Hotel Admin can manage all Hotel Partners' details, add or remove them, and change their rights through this Hotel Panel.