Super Apps: Meaning, Concept, Business Models, Benefits & Resources

A few years ago you might have laughed at someone if they said you could have an app within an app. But now this has come true! Yes, the All in One Super App has made it possible. With technological development, these apps are made real. They reduce space and time and are convenient to use.

As Mike Lazaridis said,

” Super apps are apps that once you start using them; you wonder how you ever previously lived without them.”

Start or upgrade your multi-service business with a robust on-demand solution. In this blog, you will learn the concept, business model, and benefits of Multi-service Apps.

Table of contents

  • What is a Super App?
  • Understanding the Concept of All-in-one App
  • Know the Super Apps Market
  • The Super Apps Business Model
  • Popular Examples of Successful Super Apps Business Models
  • How do Businesses Benefit from All-in-one Apps?
  • Wrapping Up

What is a Super App?

A convenient mobile app that acts as a single umbrella for tons of on-demand services, from paying bills to ticket booking and much more. It combines multiple services into one platform and reduces the need to have many apps for every service.

Super Apps dominate the market with fast delivery of services or products at the user’s convenience. On-demand multi service apps such as Gojek and WeChat have entered into the multi-billion dollar market. These apps act as the real game changers as they contributed 800% growth last year for the e-commerce industry.

Understanding the Concept of All-in-One App

These days’ phones are loaded with an abundance of applications. Every user will use at least twenty apps to complete their monthly activity. An app offering diverse services and various functionalities is known as a super app. These Super apps are multi service platforms that offer numerous services from transportation to e-commerce within a single application. It allows users access to different services without downloading each app on a single device or switching between different applications.

A shift in consumer behavior has contributed to the rise of Super Apps. Users are increasingly moving towards the one-stop-shop experience where they can perform different tasks without switching applications. This has made the Super app more popular in the digital ecosystem of many countries.

Know the Super Apps Market

Super App market is trendy in Asia, Africa, and Central America. According to, there are 6.84 billion smartphone users worldwide. Based on Statista’s report, it is found that 1.2 billion of them use WeChat. In 2022, Gartner predicted that 50% world’s population will use Super Apps by 2027.

The first-time experience of these apps from most customers is through smartphones. Because of service integration, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, Multi-service platforms are becoming popular among users and businesses.

The Super Apps Business Model

China’s Super powerhouse, WeChat has recorded 17.49 billion dollars during 2021. It was found that transactions of about 400 plus billion dollars were recorded during that year. Many other Super App business models also have millions of dollars in transactions. They offer services based on customer demands for different verticals. Percentage-based commissions are imposed on these services through which the app earns.

For instance, if you are using a ride-hailing service, the driver must pay a percentage of his earnings. Similarly, food delivery platforms have to pay a part of their earnings as commission. Financial Giga Apps will recommend products like insurance as their product. They gain revenue through crypto or stock trading as interchange charges. In the advertising sector, the app earns through every click that is generated through ads. The key is to bring the customers back to the app as much as possible and this is how super apps revolutionize user experience.

Popular Examples of Successful Super Apps Business Models

Some Super apps like Gojek and Grab are super popular and increase ROI. Let’s briefly discuss some popular multi service super apps here.

  1. Gojek
    This app contains 2500+ services bundled within. Key benefits of adopting super apps like Gojek in On-demand Industries include ride-hailing to payments. It emerged from Tokopedia, an e-commerce platform. Gojek is also delivering hyper-local services from transportation to paying bills. By solving everyday problems the company revenue is increased and the investment is also increasing. Within a decade the app allows transactions within their wallet and manages spending.
  2. WeChat
    From messaging to payment, WeChat is the most popular and demanding Super App. The revolution in the mobile industry started in 2010 in China. They are the leading service-based business model in the Chinese market. WeChat acts as a powerful use case for most Multi-service platforms.
    Some of the features of the app include gaming, public accounts for businesses, offering services like loans to mutual funds, social media feeds, and advertising. The main aim of this app is to target local customers.
  3. Grab
    Grab offers essential services to earning opportunities in the all-in-one platform. With increasing competition in the operating market, this app stands as the foremost super app. The company claims to be the fastest-delivering app in its core market. It is a ride-hailing service platform and has increased its revenue stream with good ordering, hotels, and groceries.
  4. Careem
    Careem the Everything app’s services include Go Anywhere, East Anytime, Get Anything, and Pay Anyone. Their vision is to be the region’s first Everything App. Started as a ride-hailing app and with a wide range of customers worldwide they have changed to a multi-service app. In the Middle East, they act as the one-stop shop for logistics and transportation. Their services include Courier and delivery, digital payments, bike sharing, and much more.
  5. Paytm
    Paytm is used for its mobile UPI and television recharge services. They are getting offers from the big brands to offer discounts and promotional codes to cater to a win-win situation for both.
    They have more than 200 services which include Domino burgers and pizza, rummy circle, poker, fast ticket booking, and much more.
  6. MyJio
    Myjio has pre-planned its branding and fueled it with the All-in-one app. Based on the customer desire and consumption the app is bundled with mini services. Its users can get exclusive services like OTT audio/video, gaming, payments, and much more. It acts as a wholesome customer-sense platform as it has its in-house technology and services.
  7. Taobao
    Another Chinese Super App and a part of the Alibaba group is Taoboa. It has money-added services like e-commerce platforms, Tmalls, and payment services.
  8. Tata Neu
    Tata Neu is a part of the Tata group of companies. They offer various services like beauty, fashion, grocery, fitness, entertainment and many others. It allows customers to book hotels, and buy luxury products in the digital space. They have collaborated with other brands to attract Indian customers to the Mega App.

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How do Businesses Benefit from All-in-one Super Apps?

These multi-service are becoming popular and are used in many day-to-day utilities. Combining all the services in a single application so business owners get huge benefits. They are consolidated with various functionalities and some of the advantages of integrating super apps into businesses are discussed below:

  • They are mainly used for communication in which they perform calling, video chat, and social media functions.
  • Businesses and organizations use these apps as marketing tools.
  • People will keep returning to these Apps as they provide user-friendly engagement and entertainment for a longer period. Some applications serve as social media platforms allowing users to interact with one another.
  • Super Apps allows the users to share data between mini apps and track user preferences.
  • Customer experience can be altered by adding or eliminating mini-apps from the Super apps.
  • As these apps have a wider breadth of functionalities they can attract potential users towards it.
  • They offer better convenience and work efficiently, allowing users to accomplish tasks quickly and easily.
  • Without needing to switch between applications the Giga Apps use multiple applications at once which allows users to work efficiently.
  • They are usually developed by developers who have deep knowledge about the market requirements which causes major influence in the app industry.

As the technology grows and reaches more and more remote regions the number of mobile users will grow. This will reduce people’s daily activities by looking for a simplified solution. More and more people are looking for a comprehensive super app that can replace multiple mini apps. Countries like India, South America, and Southeast Asia are emerging markets for Super Apps. It is certain that these apps are in demand and are ready to serve user’s multipurpose needs.

Wrapping Up

Your brand service can get visibility and expansion by transforming it into a Multi-service App. It eliminates the usage of small applications and integrates them into a single-handed multi-service platform. In this blog, we have discussed the reasons to integrate your standalone app into a super app. This will improve the growth of your brand and increase revenue streams. It is possible to improve your business with a single super app for potential users. Develop your super app with us and begin your app journey.

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