Why Does Your Delivery Business Need Own Parcel Delivery App?

Send your things online. You click, Book online, we collect and deliver within the specified time frame. The digital era has brought everything to our fingertips. We can access anything in a few taps of your mobile. This has paved the way for developing many on-demand apps, including On-Demand Courier Delivery App. This business started to grow when Uber started spreading its wings into different industries like food delivery, transportation, etc. Businesses like online shopping, and food delivery are trending so courier delivery services started to excel.
In this blog, you will learn why your business needs a courier app to lead the marketplace and the factors that are needed for the development process. Keep reading to know more.

Table of contents

  • Know the Market Trends of Parcel Delivery App Development
  • What is an On-Demand Ordering and Delivery Application?
  • Features of On-Demand Parcel Delivery Solution
  • How Does a Parcel Delivery App Benefit Your Business?
  • How Much Does On-Demand Delivery App Cost?
  • Conclusion

Know the Market Trends of Parcel Delivery App Development

Before we begin with the Courier delivery app development we must know the market trends in the industry. Let’s learn about some insights into the market of courier delivery.

  • According to Apptunix report, “In 2020, the sales of the parcel delivery is 12.6 Billion Euros which increased by 12%. Since 2018, the volume of sales has been increased by 14%.
  • From 2018 through 2020, the global courier, parcel, and express market have seen a CAGR of 5.77%.
  • In 2019, the total revenue obtained by the market was 325 Billion Dollars which is 3.1% when compared to the year 2014.
  • By 2024, the global courier, parcel, and express market are expected to grow by 400 Billion Dollars.
  • The industry is experiencing growth at a rate of 17% every year.

What is an On-demand ordering and delivery application?

The on-demand parcel delivery solution helps the users to instantly order goods and services from you. The thriving force behind this business model is supply and demand. A few years back, the on-demand mobile apps were used only by taxi services. Things are changing over time and the on-demand models are being used in a variety of services such as food, travel, health care, home services, and parcel-based industries. Within a few clicks of your mobile phone, you can access any of the on-demand services with the help of available delivery businesses or the one that you want to start.

Features of On-demand Parcel Delivery Solution

To develop a successful On-Demand Courier Delivery App you will need to integrate the features within the app. Some important features must be included in the parcel delivery application.

  • Instant Messaging

These are the important features that have to be included in any of the parcel delivery solutions. With the help of these features, the admin can establish seamless communication with the customer. This will solve all the queries and problems of the customers and enhance the overall customer experience.

Using this feature the customer can easily communicate with the delivery agent quickly and easily. The chat messages will cause misunderstanding between the customer and the delivery agent but instant messaging can eliminate the errors easily.

For instance, most of us will not be at home when the delivery agent is about to deliver the parcel which will waste time as well as energy. The last-minute changes can be easily communicated using instant messaging as they both will be on the same page.

  • Packaging Options

Packaging plays a crucial role in the parcel delivery industry. All of us will need the package to be delivered without damage during shipping. This is why the customer should get different packaging options. During the shipping process, this packaging can save the item from being damaged. You can provide the user with other additional packaging options based on additional charges. The charges will vary based on the material and the size of the packaging.

  • Proof of Delivery

The picture of the items will be pictured and the signature of the sender and the receiver will be taken to avoid scams. This is one of the important features that have to be added to your courier delivery software. The delivery agent will click a picture while collecting the package from the sender. This picture acts as proof of delivery and can also be seen by the receiver. Once the parcel is given to the receiver the delivery agent takes a picture of it as proof. The possibility of theft can also be eliminated.

Push Notifications

The progress of delivery can be tracked in real-time with the help of push notifications from the app. With these it is possible to identify the present time of delivery, the expected time of delivery, and changes in the route or date of delivery.

  • Ratings and Review

Based on the user experience the ratings and reviews will be calculated and can be used in the future for the improvement of the service.

Build a Courier Delivery App that Benefits the Development of Your Business

How Does a Parcel Delivery App Benefit Your Business?

The evolution of the logistics industry has been faster in the past few years. The on-demand parcel delivery solution provides faster and simpler customer service of goods to the customer. You will need the best marketing plan to deliver high-quality service to the customers. Most of the courier marketing companies help in building the brand. If you want to build an On-Demand Courier Delivery App you will have to choose the technology that is required. The important benefit of this app is scalability. Here are some of the benefits of a parcel booking app.

  • Book your Parcels Easily Online

Companies require the customer to book their service online. These companies will simplify things for customers who need products to be delivered or waiting to know the pickup date. The rates of these products will be displayed online.

  • Seamless Tracking of Courier

If you are a logistics company owner you will find it easier to track your shipments through the app than by phone or GPS. In the past, companies would get the tracking details from the driver or by using locations but now these Package tracking apps track the order by scanning the barcode of the item.

  • Using Various Payment Methods

Most of the companies accept any form of payment which led to the use of an infinite number of apps. This on-demand parcel delivery solution supports payments like PayPal and other payment methods.

  • Fleet Handling and Device Management

Using this it is possible to maintain all your fleet within a single app and also manage the important information of your business. To perform tasks throughout the day the process will be automated and simplified.

  • Timely Updated Through Notifications

The management needs to oversee the transfer of products from one place to another as it consumes time, effort, and resources. The whereabouts of the parcel can be notified to the user through the On-Demand Courier Delivery App.

How Much Does an On-Demand Delivery App Cost?

Before calculating the cost of an On-demand delivery app it is important to account for all the Cost influencing aspects. Here are some of the cost-influencing factors.

  • The best app development business has to be engaged with fees to construct your courier development app.
  • Based on the need for a development platform the cost of development will differ. Either Android or iOS can be chosen as the development platform.
  • Post-development of the parcel delivery app will require money for marketing.
  • Based on the features that are needed in the app the cost of development will differ. The higher the number of elements higher the development cost.
  • The cost will vary based on MVP or full-fledged app.
  • The technological stack will significantly impact the cost estimated. If you want to use advanced technology then it will be high cost.


Technological advancements are growing today. Whether you own a courier delivery app or food delivery app you will need to keep up-to-date with the technology. You will need to be sure of courier delivery software operations. You will need to hire a reputable app development company if you want to start a new courier delivery business or upgrade the existing one. UnicoDel will be your one-stop destination for all your app development needs. All you need to do is contact UnicoDel to get your on-demand parcel delivery solution now.

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