The Ultimate Guide to Develop Your All-In-One Super App in 2024

Are you planning for your weekend? Book a taxi, reserve a dinner table, or shop online. Why not do it using a single app? All these activities can be done using a powerful All-in-one Super App. Does this sound technical, non-technical, or entrepreneurial? If your answer is all of the above then here is the reason. The Super App allows you to perform different services under a single roof. Using this app the entrepreneurs can unlock many business opportunities. This blog will help you learn in-depth about the development of the Super App and answer all your questions, which will help build your All-in-one Super App in 2024.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Super App?
  • Know the Market Statistics of the All-in-one App
  • Different Categories You Can Add in Super App
  • Benefits of developing All-in-one Super App
  • How to Earn Revenue from the Super App?
  • How will Unicodel Help to Build Your Super App?

What is a Super App?

Super App is formed by integrating several micro apps under a single digital marketplace. These micro apps can be built by third-party and internal developers. Selected apps can also be integrated to form an all-in-one super app. Most of the busy working people are fond of working with the Super Apps. The monthly search count of this amazing app is around 100 to 1000 times by smartphone users. The reason for accessing this app will vary from person to person.

Know the Market Statistics of the All-In-One App

The Super app has a major user base in countries like South-East Asia, South America, and many other countries. Before developing the All-in-one Super App let’s know about the global market statistics about them. The concept of this app has 72% demand worldwide. This app is accepted and used by 64% of Australians, 74% of the UK, 72% of the US, and 70% in Germany. In 2020, Russia alone generated income of about 51 Billion Dollars through Super App. The size of the market is growing and is expected to reach up to 163% by 2025 which is 134 Billion Dollars.

Different Categories You Can Add in Super App

The Super App is made super by combining various services from various niches and industries.

  • Social Media

In the digital world of today, knowledge exchange and personal growth are done using social media networking and establishing communication and collaboration with people. Some of the users use social media for business growth, some use it as an influential medium and some use it for texting and sharing it with their network. We can summarize that social media can bring in a global audience to your business.

  • On-demand industry Apps

The on-demand app industry includes services like food ordering, taxi booking, courier delivery, hotel reservations, travel booking, and much more. The users will experience convenience and can accommodate all these services in a single app.

  • Banking & Finance

In this fast-paced world, people are finding it difficult to go back to manage their finances. With the help of banking and finance management apps that are available online, you can easily manage your money from anywhere. Along with the online activity, the finances can also be managed by the user using the super app.

  • Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare includes many applications like online pharmacy, administering the doctor to take care of the patients, healthcare information, online consultation with the doctor, planning the diet, and much more. Integrating the healthcare solution into the super app will increase your user base which in turn increases the business.

  • Bill Payment

You can automate activities like mobile recharge, and payment of bills like electricity, water bills, mobile bills, etc. can also be made online. This will help you not to miss your due date. By integrating your payments with the super app you can easily retain the number of users that are already using the app.

Benefits of Developing an All-In-One Super App

The users and the business entrepreneurs gain a lot of benefits by using the All-in-one Super App. Some of the benefits are listed in this section.

  • Benefits of All-in-one Super App for users
  1. If there are multiple apps available for a single category then the entrepreneurs will get confused on which app to download. This is when the Super app comes as a solution. Below are the facts to be considered to choosing the optimal app to download.
  2. These are the best quality apps that are designed the ease of the user and provide in-class user experience through a single app.
  3. If you have different apps then you will have to remember all the login credentials which might lead to data loss but the super app is a single app and offers all the services.
  4. The idea of the all-in-one super app is to provide services from different industries. So it is possible to do all the activities through one app.
  5. All the online services can be accessed by the user quickly and through a single login. Using this app can provide them with the speed and convenience they always wanted.
  • Benefits of All-in-one Super App for Businesses

The service-oriented mobile apps are gaining popularity and many entrepreneurs are moving towards the digital realm. The statistics of mobile app development are pushing businesses to the digital transition. The idea of a super app has paved path for the new benefits in the business as stated below.

  • Helps in the Growth of big companies

If you are a big company then it is high time to choose super app development as your primary goal. A super app requires more funds for development, massive infrastructure, marketing, experienced resources, and time. The above-mentioned features will be easily available with the super app so it is easy for the all-in-one super app development.

  • Opportunities to widen your user base

As super apps are dealing with different industries it has major option has widen its user base from all the industries. When the user base increases which in turn helps in the increase of mouth marketers for your super app.

  • Access abundance user base

The widened user base will help you to access huge amounts of user data. This data can be processed using business intelligence and analytics tools. This will help the user to provide an experience with the super app.

  • Consistent User experience

The targeted audience can be easily achieved by increasing the features and functionalities of the app. More functionalities increase the convenience of the user. So the user will start using the app and become its brand voice.

  • Huge Retention of user

The best user experience along with convenience can be achieved using the all-in-one super app. This can help you in the retention of a huge number of potential users. With increase in the retention rate of the user will increase revenue for the business.

Looking for an All-in-One Super App Solution

How to Earn Revenue from the Super App?

Generating ROI from large-scope multi-purpose digital product is not an easy task. Let’s explore what it takes to build revenue from a all-in-one super app.

Credit System

Using the built-in app credit system for users, business partners, and service providers will help them to easily use the super app and get profit from it.

International Transaction Charges

If the user uses the service from the super app that involves international transactions then you need to make sure it is secured and ensure it with the third parties. This is how the owners can earn revenue from the all-in-one app.

In-App Subscriptions

Loyalty programs can be conducted and the customers can enroll in them to avail of discounts and the customer base can also be retained.


The business partners can be offered to run ads in the app so that the number of customers will be increased and the revenue can also be increased.

Here are some strategies that are used for generating revenue through the super app but any marketing strategy can be involved in gaining more ROI.

How will Unicodel Help to Build Your Own Super App?

As the Super app contains a huge platform that has multiple features and functionalities it is a demanding task to create it from a technical perspective. There are several solutions from the developer’s point of view that are employed in building a digital product based on the project requirement. With the increase in the number of smartphone users and the increasing popularity of one-stop solutions the hype for super app development continues to increase in the future.

At Unicodel, we have a Super App that has 80+ services in a single platform. This is 100% customizable based on your business needs and your project requirements. Here we use a single dynamic app for performing various services. Unicodel has stunning functionalities and new components that help in developing millions of super apps on the go. So, why wait? Digitize your business with Unicodel’s All-in-one Super App!

Develop a Large Scope, Multi-Purpose Digital Product- The Super App with Unicodel