Key Features of the Gojek Like Multi-Service Management System

Are you tired of switching between multiple screens for your day-to-day activities? No more multiple screens when you can use a single super app like Gojek, a smart investing option. With just a swipe of your mobile phone things can be ordered to your doorsteps. If you wanna order food, purchase groceries, or call a cab why panic Gojek Clone is to your rescue. This app can handle all your needs in a single tap. This multi-service app solution allows you to enjoy all services within a single Super App. Let us know about the key features of the Gojek-like multi-service management system in this blog.

Table of contents

  • Understanding the Gojek Like Multi-Service Management System
  • Reasons to Invest in Gojek Clone App Development
  • How does Gojek Like Multi Service Management System Make Profits?
  • Know the Key Features of Gojek Like Multi-Service Management App
  • Wrapping Up

Understanding the Gojek Like Multi-Service Management System

For those who are not aware of Gojek here you are. Gojek is a Super App that can offer services like transportation, food delivery, Grocery shopping, and much more with a single tap. It is a single-stop on-demand all-in-one app solution. This is liked by those unwilling to use multiple apps for each need. This is a profitable business as the investors don’t have to pay huge sums of money for each app development separately.

One can invest in a single app and get the expected return. This is a user-friendly and investor-friendly application. These apps can bring revolution in the on-demand industry. As all-in-one super apps provide different services through a single platform they are more useful than traditional apps. People can get all the services done under a single roof.

Most people don’t like their screens crowded with different apps. But they don’t use all of them. But the Gojek-like super apps can do every service in a single click. Gojek-like apps are in high demand as they save time and space.

Reasons to Invest in Gojek Clone App Development

The multi-service on-demand apps are beneficial to both the user and the company. Here are some of the benefits of investing in multi-service app development like Gojek for your business.

  • Business Expansion

The Super apps are becoming popular as they are visible and accessible to everyone. The businesses with better visibility will have better revenue and faster expansion. This is where the digitization plays a huge role.

  • Increased Income

Every business owner will look to save the cost and generate revenues. As per Harvard Business Review, multi-service owners achieve more profits than single business owners. This is a long-term investment and a huge revenue generator.

  • Launch Multiple Business

As Gojek-like super apps integrate multiple apps into a single app it offers a wide range of services. These apps include various services such as food delivery, beauty services, ride-hailing, and more. This will lead to the reach of a broader audience and satisfy the customer’s needs.

  • High-Level Security

Encryption and two-way authentication are the two major factors that are considered to ensure high security in these applications. As these apps offer high security the customer will feel more secure and increase the use of the app.

  • Economical

Since these multi-service apps are pre-built the cost of the development is comparatively low instead of developing an app from scratch. The business owners will get customization options in these apps. Developing a multi-service management app can help reduce the challenges associated with developing Gojek clone software. The amount of money will be less which is an advantage for the business owners.

How does Gojek Like Multi Service Management System Make Profits?

The key reason to develop any business is to generate good revenue. In this section, we will learn about how these super apps generate a good sum of profits. The following points will help you understand the Gojek business model better.

  • Business Commission

Different businesses are getting benefited from various services offered by Gojek which helps them to get more sales. The operations are offered to these businesses and get a commission in return. For every successful sale that is made from the Gojek App, the companies have to pay a commission.

  • Customer Fee

Customers can find anything in one place by using the Gojek app. Most of the relevant services are available in the App so that the customers feel comfortable about using the app. As most of the customers depend on the app they collect subscription fees as commission fees.

Initially, if the app is new to the market it is good to charge no fees for the user. Once it becomes popular you charge for subscription fee. You should think twice before deploying any monetization strategy.

  • Delivery Commission

The delivery agents should pay a part of their payment collected from the customers for every delivery. They have to pay some amount to Gojek as a commission.

This is how Gojek makes a good sum of money likewise you can use any of these strategies to make money from your app.

Build a Gojek Like App for Your On-Demand Business with the Help of Experts

Know the Key Features of Gojek Like Multi-Service Management App

Here we will discuss the features that can be integrated with the Gojek clone software. The development cost of the app depends on the number of features that are to be added to the app. The basic features of the app will cost less whereas the advanced and more features will cost high. Here we have listed the budget-friendly and user-friendly apps for Gojek like multi-service apps.

  • Login

Sign-in can be done quickly with the help of the mail ID or social media account. Using this feature in the app the user can easily manage orders, payments, and others from their account.

  • GPS Tracking

This is a helpful feature for users who are willing to track their orders. The address of the customers can be tracked by the delivery agent by using GPS tracking. Using this feature the delivery agents can save time and also the delivery can be done on time.

  • Multi-language Support

For a better experience make the app available in different languages for all users. As the users can use the app in their native language they will find it easier to use.

  • Scheduled Booking

As per the availability, the delivery can be scheduled by the user. For instance, if the user is not available during the morning they can change the delivery on their available time. This feature has made the app convenient and user-friendly.

  • Push Notification

The order confirmation and other information can be obtained using this feature. The latest update and other app-related information can be obtained with the push notification.

  • Payment Option

Help your users with multiple payment options. By providing all modes of payment like credit cards, debit cards, cash, etc. The user will find it more convenient to use.

  • Real-time tracking

With the help of multi-service applications customers, drivers, and service providers can track the order status in real time.

  • User-History

The service history of the user and the driver can be viewed using this feature. This includes information like trip date and time, trip ID, person ID, travel fee, location, and other details.

  • Support for In-App Purchases

These multi-service apps have support features like calls and instant chat, and help the user by providing assistance and answers to their services.

  • SOS Notification

This feature allows the user to click within the app so that emergency contact will get the alert notification.

  • One-Click Dashboard

The full operation of the app can be quickly examined and managed by the administrator using this all-in-one dashboard.

  • Promotional Offers

The merchants and the business owners can give the customers who reach certain requirements and order promo codes.

  • Evaluation and Reviews

After service, the business owner can know about the quality of the service with the help of ratings and reviews.

Wrapping Up

Mostly we will receive the notification about the unused apps in our mobile. Why not get them replaced with a single app? Make a single tap and book your desired service by developing a Multi-service managing platform. This app will save your mobile space and reduce the number of screens that you use. Today’s user demands can only be satisfied with the help of the Gojek Clone App. If you are going to develop an app, you will need experts to make it bug-free and well-functioning.

Any entrepreneur who wishes to develop a feature-rich Gojek Clone can develop it with the help of experts like Unicodel. We offer 80+ on-demand apps in a single platform. A brand-new feature can be developed to stand out from the competition. UnicoDel offers affordable development costs to both new and existing customers. Get your white-label Gojek clone script at an unbeatable price from Unicodel.

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